Warpaint Puts on Their Warpaint and Plays It Cool

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A colloquial use of the phrase “warpaint” is makeup—and women have been putting on their  warpaint and going out ready to do battle with the  big bad world forever. So when the all-female LA  group Warpaint played in NYC this past week, one  would be forgiven to have expected a fierce, defensive, and ‘made-up’ bunch ‘o chicks. What transpired couldn’t be further from that.

Warpaint turned out to be an engaging,  personable group, rendering their name a sarcastic, rather than accurate, description of themselves. They are a  sort of psych band, but with three great lead singers,  and exquisite harmonies. They are nice looking
chicks, but they play it down down down. No pushed  up, laced in, exposed stuff here, and they were  wearing very little ‘warpaint’. Instead, It’s all about  the music, and the musicianship.

They want to be loved for their chops, not for their looks. The new  drummer, Stella Mozgawa is mixed in at the top of  the sound, like another lead guitar, and she
deserves to be. The playing and singing was as complex as any jam band, but with better singing. If  you had only heard Warpaint, but didn’t see them,  you may not have known that they were women—until the vocal parts, that is.