Visit Paris At Night With Anoraak’s ‘Morning Light’

Anoraak wasn’t on the Drive soundtrack, but his love of cinematic productions and nocturnal journeys won him a spot on last year’s film-inspired tour with College and Electric Youth. Hailing from Nantes, France, the producer/singer born Frédéric Rivière first became know for his smooth, romantic take on synth-pop with 2008’s Nightdrive With You, then Wherever The Sun Sets in 2010. He’s now set to release third LP Chronotropic on November 5.

Here’s the first single and video from the album, "Morning Light." The song takes place as night starts turning into dawn, but promises to keep the party (or insomnia-induced anxiety) going with its insistent pulse. The clip, directed by Ben Chadourne, follows a lone skateboarder exploring Paris after dark. It’s a perfect fit for Rivière’s tales of nighttime isolation.

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