Veronica Falls Play New Singles In Portuguese Cemetery

No surprise for the band that sang “Found Love in a Graveyard” on their debut album, but Britain’s Veronica Falls have just served up a great live session in a black-cat-infested Portuguese place of final rest for the series They Shoot Music Don’t They, re-confirming their goth-pop bona fides.

Two new singles were performed, unplugged, in Proto during Primavera Sound Festival 2012: first up is the eerily familiar and tightly harmonized “Teenage." It features, as you might guess, lyrics about driving in cars and listening “to the music you like.”

Then there’s an older, moodier song, “The Fountain,” from 2011’s Veronica Falls.

"Teenage" will feature on forthcoming LP Waiting For Something To Happen, something for which you will have to wait till 2013, as it happens.

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