Unreleased Pearl Jam Track ‘Better Days’ Surfaces

When all is said and done, Pearl Jam might just be the Rolling Stones of their day—an excellent, epoch defining band that continued to churn out quality songs and performances long after they lost cultural currency. That’s not a knock against them, it’s simply the reality of age and the music business— it doesn’t matter how incredible you are, at a certain point, you simply can’t brim at the top of the conversation. But perhaps the days of irrelevancy (remember, you can be excellent and irrelevant; also, remember their surprisingly stirring SNL gig last season) aren’t here quite yet for Pearl Jam. An unreleased track has accidentally hit the web and it’s making waves in the musical blog-o-sphere. The track is called ‘Better Days’ and it’s got that gentle, passionate, tension-filled touch that Pearl Jam can excel at. Check it out after the break.

Sources point to ‘Better Days’ being a leftover from the sessions for 2002’s Riot Act, but no one is quite sure yet.

The falsetto, the mounting tension, the shakers chugging away in the background. Yup, I’m loving this.

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