Tyler, The Creator Uses NahRight & 2DopeBoyz to Advertise ‘Goblin’ LP

Tyler, The Creator’s first label-backed LP, Goblin, will arrive on May 10. The Odd Future front man has been advertising the release on Nahright.com and 2DopeBoyz.com — the rap blogs he’s been openly feuding with — for the past few days without their knowledge. The above photo, which was posted on both sites, took fans to the link http://www.buffalo-bill.net, where at first nothing happened. Now the teaser link explodes into a short promo with the release date for Goblin.

Tyler revealed his brilliant scheme via Twitter, admitting that he had been stealthily advertising on the blogs, which means racking up money for them….while still hating on them? A complicated revenge plan.


Following the revelation, he exchanged a few entertaining tweets with the bloggers over at NahRight, who were sort of amused with the whole situation.

image (Image courtesy of TheFader)

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