Top 5 Best Crystal Castles Remixes to Bid Adieu to Alice Glass

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Alice Glass announced via Twitter today that she was leaving Crystal Castles. It’s sad news to everyone, the band defined an era with their genre-bending, glitch-pop sound and iconic post-internetgoth looks. They even managed to break into the pop stratosphere a few times, being sampled by everyone from Timbaland to Bobby Shmurda. Alice herself is Courtney Love of the internet generation, and we hope her solo career reflects the same kind of violent yet consoling music we’ve come to expect. Anyway, to encapsulate the end of the Crystal Castles era, we’ve compiled a list of their top 5 quintessential remixes everyone should own.

Not in Love feat. Robert Smith – Crystal Castles

The Cure’s Robert Smith managed to sneak himself into this nightmareish dreamland of a song off their second album, making a perfect song even better.

It Fit When I Was A Kid (Crystal Castles Remix) – Liars

Take an already dark song and sprinkle some glitter on it. It gives the Liars track a disco underbelly that works incredibly well.

Leni (Crystal Castles Remix) – GoodBooks

It’s 2006 and you’re just getting into nu-rave. You’re buying an American Apparel white zipper, color blocked hoodie. You’re listening to this song in your brand new iPod (gen 2) as your mom drives you to your first rave.

Lovers Who Uncover (Crystal Castles Remix) – The Little Ones

Another unknown band that Ethan Kath managed to put on the map by completely decimating their original sound and turning it into something uniquely Crystal Castles. You can dance to this song, you can cry to this song – which is exactly what he was able to do best. This one is beautiful from beginning to end.

Death (Crystal Castles Remix) – White Lies

If this is what Death sounds like, count me in. It’s like a soundtrack to heaven. Scary but hopeful.

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