Thom Yorke, Mark Ronson, & Bryan Ferry Record Two Minutes of Silence

If the singer of Radiohead, the former frontman of Roxy Music, and BlackBook‘s September cover star release a single for the UK’s armed forces, does it make a sound? In the case of “2 Minute Silence,” actually, no. Along with British prime minister David Cameron, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? actor Bob Hoskins, and tennis star Andy Murray, the trio of musicians will release the track to iTunes on Nov. 7. Rather than a 60-years-later response to John Cage, the single was conceived in commemoration of Britain’s Remembrance Day, with all proceeds benefiting British military veterans. “Rather than record a song, we felt the UK public would recognize the poignancy of silence and its clear association with remembrance,” explained Chris Simpkins, the Director General of the Royal British League. Totally genius or supremely lazy?

Packaged with the track will be a video of the “songwriters” staring into the camera silently. Watch the 11-second teaser below:

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