This Is A Video Involving Sufjan Stevens and a Claymation Zombie Santa

We’re still not even quite at Halloween yet, but leave it to Sufjan Stevens and major department stores to already have us thinking about the holidays. But in the first video for a track from Stevens’ new upcoming series of holiday jams, Silver & Gold, it’s clearly not all delicate banjos, twinkly glockenspiels and lovely songs about roses e’er blooming. 

In the Lee Hardcastle claymation video for the slightly more rocking "Mr. Frosty Man," it turns out flight delays, not finding those in-demand gifts and relatives asking way too much about your personal life aren’t the only reasons to stress about the holidays. In the video, one family has their happy holiday meal turned upside down by a pack of roving zombies. Even Santa Claus becomes a victim of the undead. The child’s beloved snowman pal becomes a chainsaw-totin’, zombie-killin’ vigilante, but not before a whole lot of disemboweling. Enjoy your lunches! 

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