The xx Release New Track for ‘Gatsby’ Soundtrack, ‘Together’

Another week, and The Great Gatsby hype snowball rolls faster and gains more circumference. And, following the releases of new jams from the packed, Jay-Z-helmed soundtrack including Florence + The Machine’s big and loud "Over the Love," we’ve got another new offering this week.

This time, the new track comes from oh-so-relaxing British Medical Association-approved sleep aids The xx. It’s called “Together,” and it’s very gentle and slow-burning and nice, which are all adjectives one could use to describe a lot of songs by The xx.

The only thing is that after trailers featuring the bumping “No Church in the Wild” and the weird, yowling Filter cover of “Happy Together,” as well as bolder soundtrack offerings, and given the general over-the-top nature of Gatsby himself, Baz Luhrmann and, from first impressions, this movie, the track almost seems too subtle for something so totally, well, unsubtle. Listen below.

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