Let The New Walking Shapes Video For ‘In The Wake’ Move You

Yesterday, indie rock band Walking Shapes debuted the video for “In The Wake”, the latest single from the band’s debut album Taka Come On. The album has been out since April in the US, but is finally getting the worldwide treatment by the end of this month, and so the promotion continues.

“Wake” is the best kind of indie—that which really gets you moving. From the second the track begins, you feel an almost uncontrollable urge to dance, and that never goes away. Initial electronic elements blend perfectly with plucked guitars to create an undeniably catchy rhythm, and exasperated vocals remind you that this is in fact a rock song.

The clip centers around an animatronic figure running laps around a spinning vinyl, always moving but never quite getting anywhere. As he runs, he encounters everything from fish jumping out of the vinyl like it’s the ocean to cars and planes, circling right along with the “man”.

Discussing the video’s meaning in a statement, frontman Nathaniel Hoho said:

“I feel that Laurent [the director] did an excellent job of depicting the lyrics for this song especially playing off the line “new pollution…I hope that this video can be a reminder and awakening in some, that we weren’t the beginning and we won’t be the end, but as conscience beings, let’s unify, get a grip, and start nurturing and respecting our planet. We humans need to keep that in check.”

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