The Verdict on Scarlett Johansson’s Jeff Buckley Cover

Anything I write on this site about Scarlett Johansson is an excuse for me to Google her, click on the image tab, and choose from a seemingly endless gallery of pixelated ScarJo wonderfulness. So when I read via Stereogum that she was following up her debut album with a Jeff Buckley cover song, I was all, nice!

So which lucky Buckley song gets Scarlett’s smoky treatment? It’s “Last Goodbye,” one of his best-loved tracks. The song is for the soundtrack to her new movie He’s Just Not That Into You (which coincidentally, BlackBook‘s Editor-in-Chief was just not that into). When her album of Tom Waits covers Anywhere I Lay My Head was released last year, she escaped all-out critical assault by hiding behind the gauzy production of TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek. This time Scarlett braves it with nothing but a solo piano, letting her voice do the heavy lifting, and the results are good. Very good. The next time meanie bloggers attack her singing, Scarlett Johansson can and should tell them to shut up.
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