The Trippy World of Psychic Twin

Do you ever find that artists are all too hung up on real life? It’s like they think they have some god-given obligation to creatively render the world around them as they experience it! Luckily there remain the surrealists among us. One band that promises to take us weird places is Psychic Twin, out of Chicago.

Psychic Twin began with Erin Fein, who for two years worked alone on neo-new-wave compositions in which she’d layer her own flighty, ethereal vocals atop one another. Then, in 2012, drummer Jonny ‘Magic’ Sommer joined the one-woman group. Brett Sanderson’s synths round out the group. Together they’ve got something of the cubist shimmer and glaze of odd-pop purveyors A Sunny Day in Glasgow or Bear in Heaven.

Below you can hear “Strangers,” to be released on a 7” by the same name. You’ll find it more than a bit romantic, with a ghostly intimacy in no way lessened by the sharp songwriting. So go ahead, take a break from this world. It’ll be here when you get back. I mean, I assume.

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