The Shins Appear in ‘Funny or Die’ Skit, ‘Clapping Butter’

In their five years away from music, the Shins have apparently developed a wicked sense of humor. As promotion for their upcoming album Port of Morrow, they’ve made a video for Funny or Die which shows the band in the studio, trying to lay down another hit song. All of the elements go right except one: the hand claps that frontman James Mercer is trying to lay down, which require a substance called "clapping butter" to help work out the kinks. After the jump, see how the goop improves his coordination once he smears it all over himself.

Look how happy Mercer seems when he finally figures out how to clap! Money makes everyone’s mood go up. The Shins have released two semi-excellent songs from Port of Morrow, "Simple Song" and "September." Look for the album on March 20.

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