The Return of The Real: Hip Hop Comedy Duo Cooks Kanye’s Taylor Swift Beef

We’ve previously covered Hip Hop sketch comedy duo Jeff and Eric Rosenthal’s The Real, as the two surprisingly tall, Jewish white 20somethings have been tearing through hip hop’s most laughable characters, cliches, stereotypes and neologisms for over two years now, often scoring the flesh-and-blood stars themselves (Clipse, Cam’Ron, Angie Martinez, Peter Rosenberg, Max B, Slaughterhouse, Nick Cannon, Elliot Wilson and even Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy). Yet, they went a little too strong for too long, and needed a break from a life of hip hop comedy, and decided to lay low for a minute. Now finished with their hiatus, they’re back, and better than ever: their latest video lays the Kanye West-Taylor Swift saga to waste, taking a very loud, fairly unpopular side: Kanye’s.


So, what’s next for the guys? I spoke with Jeff Rosenthal yesterday, who says they’re working on the transition from being on the internet to “off the internet,” which is different from “gone”: they’re trying to break into different mediums (like, specifically, television). They’ve had some leads, but they’re not saying what, and fair enough: no point in jinxing something this solid. Either way, more power to them: the world can always use a little more “Real” in it, especially if these two are the ones making it happen.

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