The Rapture and Tanlines Team Up to Rock a Summery Night in Brooklyn

Whoever decided that Tanlines and the Rapture should play a show together on the first day of summer is probably a genius. At the House of Vans in Brooklyn, hundreds of people lined up in 90-something degree weather to see two of the borough’s finest exports kick off this year’s series of Vans House Parties.

Seasonally appropriate Tanlines, aka Eric Emm (vocals/guitar) and Jesse Cohen (synths/programming), got the live show portion of the night started after a DJ set from Dave P. The duo’s sun-drenched production translates well live, the percussion sounding heavier than on record.

"We’re Tanlines, and we hope you like this song," said the Converse-wearing Cohen, before diving into "Real Life." He needn’t have been so humble, given the enthusiastic reception. 

"We hope everyone has a great summer," Cohen said, by way of introducing breakout single "All of Me," an extended version of which closed out Tanlines’ set. The Rapture opened their set with the title track from third LP In The Grace Of Your Love, perhaps not the most obvious choice, given their pedigree still lies in their first album, 2003’s Echoes, and "House of Jealous Lovers." While that dance-punk sound pioneered the last decade of indie dance music, the band is in a different place now, and they’re arguably better for it.

The Rapture have had a long time to prove themselves as powerful songwriters, which was on full display as Grace highlight "Never Die Again" segued into "Pieces Of The People We Love" from the 2006 album of the same name. More well known songs in the set, like "Whoo! Alright Yeah… Uh Huh" and "Get Myself Into It" were balanced with deeper cuts like "Killing."

In an article for Jalouse magazine, James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem/DFA Records) and Busy P (Ed Banger Records) discussed the recent ten-year anniversary of "House of Jealous Lovers," calling it the "Blue Monday" of its time. That may have been true musically speaking, but it wasn’t until 2011 and "How Deep Is Your Love" that the Rapture really shattered emotional barriers. Reminiscent of both hymns and "Thong Song," the In The Grace Of Your Love cut was a triumphant and transcendent end to the night. Hallelujah.

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