The Pains of Being Pure At Heart Threaten Stability Of ’90s Music Wormhole

Have Brooklyn fuzz-poppers and acolytes of all things alternative rock from a decade and a half ago The Pains of Being Pure At Heart gone too far? Their latest 7” release has the wonderful audacity to cover “Jeremy”—thankfully, a song The Magnetic Fields put out in 1995, not that godforsaken Pearl Jam single. Believe me, I nearly had a heart attack due to a momentary conflation of the two.

Which brings me to my point: the ’90s renaissance is going just fine right now, but it’s only a matter of time before someone disturbs what should remain buried there. I’m sure none of us want to find out that Cee Lo is putting out a grunge album or that Nickelodeon slime turned out to be carcinogenic. Worst of all, what if everyone started drinking coffee at Starbucks?

Well, for the moment we appear to be okay. TPOBPAH’s (I am contractually obligated to use this annoying initialism with this band) version of Stephin Merritt’s “Jeremy” without the distorted harpsichord of whatever vintage instrument it features, is good, clean fun. Makes me feel like I know how to skateboard. But in a ’90s PSA about always wearing pads and a helmet when you skateboard. Oh god, we’ll never get back to 2012, will we. Not looking forward to having braces again.

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