The New Dirty Projectors Trailer Will Put You Into A Trance

This is the way the indie music promotional world goes: a band begets an album, which begets a companion film, which begets a trailer. And yea, here we are. So far, Dirty Projectors have released two songs off their anticipated upcoming album (out July 9th internationally and July 10th in the U.S.), Swing Lo Magellan, "Gun Has No Trigger" and the melodic, clap-clapping "Dance For You." 

Now, we can add a third track from the album, "Just From Chevron," which serves as the spine for the trailer of Hi Custodian, a new film directed by frontman David Longstreth featuring music from the new album. Like "Dance For You," it’s heavy on the handclaps, complemented by ringing harmonies and images of two women in tracksuits playing patty-cake. The results are rather hypnotic… sorry… what were you saying?

Hi Custodian  will premiere soon on In the meantime, check out the trailer. 

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