The Nasty Funk-Hop of Demon Queen

There’s a lot to be said for the uncompromising solo artist, but while they’re off on their very serious vision quests, others are hatching fiendish and surprising collaborations. Tobacco, a producer from the band Black Moth Super Rainbow, has for a while applied his surreal squelchy sound to hip-hop beats; now, teaming up with with Zackey Force Funk to create Demon Queen, he’s got some ringers to rap along.  Tobacco and Zackey developed Exorcise Tape (out July 9) by trading files between Pittsburgh and Tuscon, but the marriage of styles is so perfect as to appear seamless.

It’s “part aerobic neon funk, part fucked up experimental fusion, and part Prince,” if you can imagine. For starters, try on “Rude Boy,” which features crackling backup from Machina Muerte crewmate N8NOFACE. Incidentally, it’s a free download. I think your summer rooftop rager mix just got a bit longer.

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