The ‘Miracle’ That Is Hurts

Over in the U.K. this morning, there was a lot of buzz about a skeleton, found in a parking lot, that to all indications was Richard III’s. “My kingdom for a Vespa!” and what have you. Well, in power duo Hurts, I think we find two other Brits who would be king—of stadium rock, anyway. And the hour of ascension may be at hand.

Exile, their follow-up to 2010’s gloriously overemotional synth epic Happiness, isn’t out till March 11, but the band has sold out every show from here to April and appears poised to shift into higher gear with this album. Take the first official music video, for “Miracle,” which takes place in and around some apocalypse so Gothic it makes The Crow look like a documentary about birds.

“Miracle” itself sounds as though (and I intend this in the most complimentary way imaginable) Coldplay and Muse were smashed together to form operatic pop that you actually wanted to hear. It’s clear that snarling, boomy guitars are being pushed to the forefront this time around, with everything bigger and more raw, taking some of the gloss off. The stylistic shift is apparent, too, in the album teaser below. Or have you felt enough feelings for today?

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