The Lesson Learned From Jonathan Coulton and ‘Glee’

Perhaps you’re a fan of young adults, roughly between the ages of 16 and 32, banding together and singing popular songs in the style of whatever you’d call it when you put Broadway cast albums through Autotune and added subpar Dr. Luke production. Or maybe you like it when middle-aged dudes take their music to the internet because no one was remotely interested in giving them a record deal until they proved that their brand of safe, acoustic, joke rock could thrive after a cover of a rap song brought them attention. Either way, you have terrible taste, no matter which side of the Jonathan Coulton vs. Glee war you are on. The rest of us will be listening to the actual "Baby Got Back" like normal people.

[Get all the background you need over at Splitsider. They keep it pretty short.]

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