The ‘Children’s Hospital’ Video for ‘It’s Only Life’ Far More Terrifying Than Original

Anyone with an aversion to gratuitous amounts of blood, to clown makeup or to The Shins should probably just skip over this post, as they will find it incredibly upsetting. The cast of the cult Adult Swim web-short hit Children’s Hospital made a video of sorts set to The Shins’ breezy single "It’s Only Life" off of Port of Morrow featuring a rather gory blood drive gone awry. Patch Adams-lampooning protagonist Dr. Blake Downs (played by Rob Corddry), introduces the sanguine appeal, only to be interrupted by his nurses having an IV fight. The show returns for its fourth season on August 9th. 

As mega-gross as the clip is, it does look like it was crazy fun to film. Roll it.


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