The Best Songs From Bands Playing the Olympics

We all have our favorite Olympic events. For some people it’s the diving, for others it’s gymnastics, but for some folks without much of an interest in sports, the musical acts playing the opening and closing ceremonies of the London-based games are the most exciting event of all.

On July 27, the games will open with sets from Duran Duran, Stereophonics and Snow Patrol, and on August 12, they’ll close with a concert featuring Britpop icons Blur as the headliners.

So, while athletes are training for the games and their fans are busy tracking stats and figuring out how to watch each event (much easier now that the entire games will stream online!), we’re getting caught up with the bands that will be playing. Check out one of our favorite songs from each, below.

Duran Duran’s “Hungry Like The Wolf” isn’t just a blazing ’80s anthem with an iconic video—it’s a mantra for athletes, who seem all wholesome and good natured, but are really ready to slit throats to get on the cover of a Wheaties box.

“Dakota” was Stereophonics’ first single to hit number one on the UK charts and sounds like a great number for two Olympic competitors to fall in secret, illicit, Olympic Village love to.

“Run,” the breakout hit for Irish rockers Snow Patrol, isn’t exactly workout music—it’s a bit of a dirgy love song, really—but how could the sprinters and relay teams not be taken in by a track with this title? Also, it would sound pretty sweet played over a slow-motion win.

“Song 2” isn’t the best Blur song—that would be “High Cool” from 1991’s Leisure—but it’s got an undeniable energy to it, one that’s sure to get athletes and fans alike pumped for competition. 

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