Texas Is the Reason Release Complete Discography

Thursday is coming up for all you lovers and singletons out there. I have no plans because I am alone-that’s a choice and I love myself! There’s only one thing I need—it’s tangible and will last FOREVER. Single or attached, the ’90s are back in a big way with Texas is the Reason’s entire discography, now available through Revelation Records. Do You Know Who You Are? The Complete Collection is the right amount of love you can give your ear buds this Valentine’s Day.

The band, who notoriously broke up after the release of their first full length album, are putting a stamp on leaving the past in the past. The entire collection is jam packed with the band’s self-titled EP, Do you Know Who You Are?, and two, yup, two totally brand new songs. Once you have done yourself the favor of acquiring this gem, head on home—fast. Don’t turn on the lights though; keep it dark like the bottomless pit that is your heart. Remember that you are a top shelf human being and that’s exactly how you should be picking your alcohol. If you read the label and it says Chateau Diana, you are in rough shape.

Slip into something comfortable. I would lend you my pair of red velvet pajama pants from Christmas 2002, but my body will be occupying them. Don’t hold back on how many popcorn kernels you pour into that pan, you will eat all of them. Make sure you vacuumed your carpet because that is where you will be lying for the next 24 hours. Get ready because when you hear singer Garrett Klahn serenading you into oblivion with opening track "Johnny on the Spot”, he will likely strike a well covered nerve with, "You’re allowed to stay for a while, I’m going to need your time to slow down and waste some time again."

Your brain will likely explode upon hearing "Every Girls Dream" and "When Rock and Roll Was Just a Baby," the collections two new songs written in 1997 but recorded last year. While you are deeply immersed in this perfect gift you have given yourself, thumb through the pages of the booklet and look back on unreleased photos, a complete show history, as well as all the lyrics that you can then pen in your journal, because only Texas Is the Reason can comfort you as you battle your way through Valentines day. "This is only fun for me; this is only fun for me." Your mind has been entranced in a meditative state and with the stereo system on in the background you have been transported back to 1996 one guitar riff at a time—life was simpler back then, no?

If you need to give your heart a deeper experience with Texas Is The Reason, catch them as they play their final final shows this winter, they mean it. Dates HERE.

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