Taylor Swift Goes Full-On Dreamy For Her New Video for ‘Style’

Hot off the heels of back to back number one hits, Taylor Swift is looking to score another chart topper with her new single “Style”, the third official release from her massively-successful 1989 album. 

Released just a few hours ago, the video for “Style” is an interesting artistic venture—something we’re not used to seeing from the singer, who is usually too busy having fun and making people laugh to take herself seriously.

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This time around, Taylor and director Kyle Newman use plenty of special effects to set a tone that matches the too-cool sound of the song.

The clip splits its time between Swift and a mystery man, who we assume she’s singing about. At times the camera catches them in intimate moments or on their own, looking at the ocean contemplatively or writhing emotively in a room, while at other times projections and digital recreations help them look into the lens through broken mirrors and bright sunspots. For any other song, the ideas presented in “Style” might not have worked, but Taylor and friend are able to pull the whole thing off pretty well, thanks to the music.

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Director Kyle Newman was an interesting choice for the job, as he doesn’t have a whole lot of experience with directing music videos. In fact, aside from his less-than-stellar action comedies and B-level horror flicks (Barely Lethal doesn’t really sound like a classic), his last major video was Lana Del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness”. Watching Lana and Taylor’s video back to back shows that Kyle certainly has a style (pun intended) all his own.

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