Take a Hit of Summer With The Phoenix Foundation

I think the northeast got hit with some kind of freak hurricane in the dead of night? My dogs were not pleased. Meanwhile, it’s summer right now in New Zealand, because that’s how hemispheres work. Point is, pretty soon there’ll be no such thing as seasons. So enjoy this dose of summer in winter while that’s still a concept we can wrap our heads around.

NZ’s The Phoenix Foundation play, conveniently enough, a variety of yacht-friendly soft rock associated with French band Phoenix. No relation, apparently. “The Captain,” a breezy nautical track from double album Fandango—out in May of this year—shimmers and boogies in amiable fashion.

I know it’s not a literal boat party in the mid-1970s, but stop and ponder whether that would actually be fun. Between the Quaaludes and cocaine, there’d be no telling which way was up. Plus, you’re definitely not hairy enough. And nobody would get your Star Wars references! Better to stick around here. For now. 

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