Take A Beach Trip With Hibou’s Slick ‘Sunder’

Some tracks not only beg to be played in the car: not just in a car racing down the open road to the ocean, but in a convertible racing down the open road to the ocean with its top down and the wind streaming through your hair. That’s Hibou’s “Sunder” all over.

Because as much as summer is about relaxing with swooners like Washed Out, there’s also a propulsive element, no? The need to ride roller coasters on the boardwalk and race into ridiculous romances. Well, propulsion’s not a problem for Hibou, aka 19-year-old(!) Peter Michel, who was formerly the drummer for the diabolically catchy Craft Spells.

“Sunder” sounds not unlike Michel’s old band, or Wild Nothing, for that matter—chillwave more interested in hanging onto indie-guitar-pop influences than going fully electronic, but always fresh-faced, with bright, clean lines. Dunes, Hubou’s debut EP, is out tomorrow: better rent that convertible today.  

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