T.I. Loves His Life on New Single, ‘Love This Life’

Spending a good amount of time in jail for some stupid bullshit will make any man feel completely grateful for his life — especially if that life is filled with fame and fortune. On his new single, "Love This Life," T.I. delivers a number of gentle platitudes and effortless reassurances about his new-and-improved worldview over a rapid fire rat-a-tat drum beat, sounding very much like a man who’s learned a number of lessons since his brush with the law. It’s more believable than T.I.’s Road to Redemption, at least. Listen to it after the click, via KillerHipHop.com.

"My heart is RSVP, I’ve extended an invitation / and don’t go wasting your time with what they saying online," he rhymes. Who doesn’t always feel that way about everything? Welcome back to rap supremacy, bro. Trouble Man, T.I.’s upcoming album, is out this summer. 

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