Suzuki Methods Unveil Debut Single, ‘Country Cousins’

At this point in the history of Manchester’s music scene, it seems you have to be all bands to all people in order to make a splash. So it seems with Suzuki Methods, who blend dance club rhythms with New Wave synths, jangle-pop guitar and a dash of industrial shoegaze to keep you hooked from the very first bars of a song.

“Country Cousins,” which has a neon-inflected video reminiscent of the infamous Hacienda and 24 Hour Party People, is the first single off debut EP Native, produced by David Tolan (Delphic, New Order, Primal Scream) and Jim Spencer (The Doves, The Vaccines, 808 State). The music on this release came together, as did the band, from the ashes of civil unrest and rioting in the U.K. in summer 2011. Which may be why it feels so vitally urgent.

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