Stray Cats Viciously Battle City Rats in Uncle Meg’s Dramatic ‘Me, The Demon’ Video

Pulled from queer Brooklyn rapper Uncle Meg’s Dangerfield EP, “Me, The Demon” details the rising artist’s battle with inner demons. This classic “good versus evil” dichotomy is echoed by Meg’s self-directed music video, where a team of stray cats (good) play a bizarre form of street hockey against city rats (evil). Meg appropriately acts as the game’s referee—a metaphor—as she gets tangled in all the drama, until finally appointing the cat leader “winner.”

“I always want the cat and everyone knows that the cat is good for me, but there is something about that rat that I want because something inside wants drama and destruction,” the emcee told BULLETT, explaining the clip’s storyline.


Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 2.00.23 PM


Meg’s video features colorful cat masks, handcrafted by Vicky “Melty Cats” Healy, all juxtaposed against eerie rat masks by NYC artist James Mcgann. This quirky treatment, paired with Meg’s hard-hitting rhymes, reflect the core of “Me, The Demon,” collectively exploring this notion of opposing forces and the difficulties of finding balance. Watch, below:


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