Steve Buscemi and Vampire Weekend Join Forces for a Live Concert Webcast

It’s simple: who doesn’t love Steve Buscemi? And moreover, who wouldn’t want to work with Steve Buscemi? So after we all saw this weekend’s Easter Parade in which the acclaimed cult-favorite actor, director, and writer performed his own top-hat clad version of Vampire Weekend’s "Diane Young," it now appears that he’ll be collaborating with the group of talented young dudes once again. 

Vampire Weekend bassist Chris Baio announced to Rolling Stone that the band will be teaming up with Buscemi as part of the American Express Unstaged Series when they hit the stage for their first New York City show in over two and a half years at Roseland Ballroom on later in the month. From the same series that brought you collaborations between David Lynch and Duran Duran, Terry Gilliam and Arcade Fire, etc. Buscemi will director a YouTube/Vevo stream of the concert, as well as some "bonus documentary footage." Speaking of Buscemi (who is apparently his distant cousin) Baio said:

He really is a great director. Growing up, I was a huge "Sopranos" fan and one of my favorite episodes is "The Pine Barrens", which he directed. Also, I just realized this morning he directed the ‘Leap Day" episode of "30 Rock" last year; that’s one of my favorites. I feel safe in his hands.

So yeah, no problems here; this is certainly a bizarre and wonderful pairing that I’m more than excited to see. Also, it’s only a little over a month til the high-anticipated Modern Vampires of the City comes out (via XL Recordings). So in the meantime take a listen to two of their new singles and watch Buscemi’s take on "Diane Young."

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