Stephen King and John Mellencamp Will Stage Their Musical Next Year

Broadway may not be running out of ideas quite yet. After more than a decade in the brainstormin’ and writin’ phase, John Mellencamp and Stephen King will be ready to bring their ”Southern gothic musical,” Ghost Brothers of Darkland County, to the stage. Much to our disappointment, there will not be any “Greased Lightnin’”-style numbers involving a twangy Mellencamp riff and a homicidal muscle car a la Christine from the looks of things, but there will be a soundtrack, featuring Mellencamp’s words and lyrics and production from T. Bone Burnett, our early next year.

The soundtrack, which will be released in full on March 19th, 2013, features an impressive roster, including Elvis Costello, Neko Case, Sheryl Crow (who has a solo song on the soundtrack called “Jukin’”), Rosanne Cash, Taj Mahal, Kris Kristofferson and, of course, Mellencamp himself, performing his finale. When the musical hits the stage next year for real-life performances in a real live theater, Kristofferson and Costello will be a part of it, along with Matthew McConaughey, Samantha Mathis and Meg Ryan.

The team behind the soundtrack released the opening track yesterday, which sounds a bit more like a closing number, maybe with a kick-line of ghosts or zombies and a little more brass at the actual production. Elvis Costello growls and whimpers through first track “That’s Me,” introducing a potentially malevolent character over some just-walked-into-an-Old-West-ghost-town kind of instrumentation. Have a listen below. 

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