Spider-Man’s Reeve Carney Cast as Jeff Buckley in One of Three Upcoming Biopics

Two years ago – almost a decade in Hollywood years – James Franco and Robert Pattinson were top contenders for the role of Jeff Buckley in the then-sole Buckley production in the works. But fast-forward to 2011, and there are now three upcoming Buckley biopics, and no mention of Franco or R-Patz. This week, it was confirmed that Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark actor Reeve Carney will star in director Jake Scott’s version, while Gossip Girl’s Penn Badgley was recently cast in Greetings From Tim Buckley.

Though the Reeve Carney and Penn Badgley productions have been well publicized, Gothamist argues that the third project will at least provide, you know, variety.

Reeve Carney will appear in what seems to be the biggest production of the three, with Jake Scott (Ridley’s son) directing and Buckley’s mom, Mary Guibert, officially signed on as a producer. The film is currently untitled, but the crew has secured rights to Buckley’s music catalog, which means that, yes, “Hallelujah” will definitely be featured. Despite possible Spider Man conflicts, it’s slated to begin filming between Memphis and New York this November.

Greetings From Tim Buckley, starring Penn Badgley, may be the first Buckley biopic to hit the big screen, since they’ve already got a title and will begin filming in Brooklyn before the end of August. This version will highlight Buckley’s relationship with his singer-songwriter father, Tim Buckley, who overdosed in 1975.

Finally, there’s A Pure Drop, which was written by Train Houston. Houston says that her previous Buckley biopic ideas actually inspired Buckley’s mom to make a film about her son. Brendan Fletcher will direct this one, which will spotlight the late musician’s personality, especially the “fun-loving” “loopy” and “goofy aspects” of it.

The best things come in threes, right?

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