Something Is Wrong With Rihanna’s Pants

I don’t pretend to know much about fashion, but I am an expert in how pants work. You see, I wear pants almost every day. (Sometimes, on Saturdays, I do not wear pants.) That’s why I am a little confused about these pictures of Rihanna’s pants. You guys, something is wrong here.

VH1 Celebrity shares some images of Rihanna at the launch party for her River Island clothing line. Yes, Rihanna, being the fashionista and brilliant clothing designer she is, has her own clothing line, which debuted at the Oxford Street shop in London last night. I’m sure all of the clothes are very nice. But here’s what I’m upset about: her pants. What is going on with her pants?!

Is she wearing two pairs of pants? Is she wearing one pair of pants at her waist and then another pair of pants, sagging below her hips? Is she bringing sagging jeans back? Did they ever go away? Or are those underpants? Is Rihanna wearing denim underwear? I can’t imagine those would be comfortable. For starters, I can’t wear jeans without underwear. Can you imagine how uncomfortable jean underwear would be? Especially with the buttons and the zippers? I would be worried about wearing boxers with a zipper. Do you think those denim underwear have a cute, hilarious name, like how jean leggings are jeggings? Underjeans? Is this going to be a new trend in fashion in which we all wear underjeans?

You guys, the future sucks. 

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