Premiere: Hear SomeKindaWonderful’s New Single ‘Reverse’

The world hasn’t seen a band like SomeKindaWonderful in some time, and it’s what we’re missing from the musical landscape. A group that can blend so many genres so seamlessly is rare, and their single “Reverse” is a perfect example of how to do it.

The Cleveland-born and LA-based alternative band are just beginning their career as a group, and what a start it’s turning out to be. The group started recording just hours after they met and formed a band, and “Reverse” was one of their first songs. The song is an emotional one, telling of a heartbreak so intense the singer can only discuss it in reverse.

While it’s easy to see that the song is catchy and well put together, it’s genre and origin are a mystery. “Reverse” mixes everything from rock to pop to 60’s soul and contemporary R&B. The band expertly combines so many different influences and styles, creating something entirely original in the process.

The recently-released black and white video was directed by Marc Klasfeld, who has worked on clips for the likes of Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, and the Foo Fighters.

About the video, lead singer Jordy Towers said:

We wanted to create something that not only represents the song itself but also establishes who we are as a band and reflects our creative vision.

A sign of a good band is immediate chemistry, and any group that can churn out singles of this quality after knowing each other only a number of hours is destined to continue their streak.

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