Smooth Monday Jams: Lovers’ Edition

Another Monday, another spoonful of smooth jams spread nice ‘n’ thick on your week. In case you forgot, this Thursday is that day for lovers to hold one another close and for lonely people to sit in their rooms and cry whilst drowning their sorrows. The best part? Both scenarios are perfect for some smooth jams!

Be sure to check out Sea Level every first Monday of the month at Tender Trap in Brooklyn. Free smoothness for all begins at 9 PM. I promise you’ll hear songs like this and many more to start your work week off on a smoother note.

Robert John – "Winner Take All" (1980)

Robert John aka "The Guy Who Looks or Looked Like Zack Galifinakis but sounds like the Bee Gees" brings us a tune for the bitter heartbroken man on Valentine’s Day whose buddy took his girl. But he won’t go down without a fight!

Next – "Butta Love" (1997)

I could have filled this list up smooth slow-jam crossovers 100 times over, but I had to narrow it down. After all, who doesn’t want that butta love on Valentine’s Day? So smooth and so creamy.

Bobby Caldwell – "My Flame" (1978)

One of my favorite smooth jams of all time by one of my favorite smooth voices—HANDS DOWN. You put this on before y’all leave for dinner and, oops, looks like you’re gonna be late for that reservation, buddy!

Bobby Nunn – "Do You Look That Good In The Morning?" (1983)

A SECRET WEAPON OF MINE! Can’t believe I’m sharing this gem with y’all, but yes, this is one. What if you’re out on the town come Valentine’s Day and you got to find some last-minute loving? Just recite the words in this song my friend. Case closed.

DeBarge – "All This Love" (1982)

There’s so much love in us all! Unleash it upon the world this week and every week, not just on Valentine’s Day! That’s how this song makes me feel, at least.

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