Smiths Reunion Tease Continues, Marr Has ‘Feelings of Love’

“We tried and we failed,” goes the chorus to “Jeane,” my own personal favorite song by the Smiths. It might as well be the mantra of the band’s former members, all of whom seem to spend an inordinate amount of time flitting about the (admittedly very exciting) idea that one day they might reunite.

There was, of course, the Internet hoax last week that claimed the band was finally ready to mend fences and get back together. It was quickly shot down by the band’s former guitarist Johnny Marr, who posted to his Facebook account that, “"The rumor of the Smiths reunion is untrue. It’s not happening."

To Marr’s credit, he had just weeks earlier told the NME that the band would only get back together if the British government disbanded.
"We won’t be re-forming this week,” he said. “Maybe if the government stepped down.”

But lest fans get too comfortable with the idea that there’s an icy divide between Marr, Morrissey, Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce, Marr just told The A.V. Club that during his recent remastering of the band’s catalog, “there were many feelings of love.” Those feelings even prompted him to email the other guys in what we can only imagine as a middle-aged rockstar version of the drunken sext.

“I was transported back to a lot of different feelings,” Marr admitted. “Not for the entire period that I was remastering all the songs, but here and there. I remember feeling as I did when I was making those records and it was a very… There were many feelings of love.

“And that’s why I sent an email to the members of the band saying I can hear the love in it, you know?”

Don’t get your hopes up for anything, though, Smiths fans. Unless David Cameron decides (and he might!) that resigning his position would be worth it to get the band back together, we can look forward to years of this unnerving back and forth. 

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