Sleigh Bells’ One-Two Punch of “Demons” Video, Diplo Remix

Demons,” spirit-squad-from-Hell Sleigh Bells’ third single from sophomore album Reign of Terror, is an explosion of chainsaw guitars, knife-in-the-back choruses and a beat that will intimidate you into dancing, or at least head-banging. Naturally, it would have to have a loud, head-banging video to go with it.  

Sleigh Bells’ Derek Miller and Gregory Kohn of Florida Pictures directed the video, which, as Pitchfork reports, was inspired by old performances of Pantera (RIP Dimebag). Footage of the crowd slow-mo dancing and the band rocking out comes from four shows in Oklahoma City, Omaha, Houston and Dallas. Now everyone who was at those shows will be trying to find themselves in the dimly lit slow-mo shots. Sorry, guys.

If that wasn’t enough for you, a Diplo remix of the track was also released today, if you want some extra electric-blippy-dance goodness with your creepy vocal vibes. Watch and listen to both below and turn them way the hell up.

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