Sleigh Bells Get Loud in ‘Comeback Kid’ Video

Get ready for a whole lot more Sleigh Bells in your Facebook feed: if this highly-stylized music video for "Comeback Kid" is any indication, they’re really going all the way with the mainstream push for their upcoming sophomore album, Reign of Terror. Singer Alexis Krauss coos and stomp arounds in a bevy of bloggable looks (wait for the GIF of her jumping up and down on the bed with the gun), while guitarist Derek Miller looks ’90s as hell and generally stoked to be there. The song itself is fine, though I’d like to point out that it shares the name of a mildly notable Canadian hardcore band they used to show ads for on Fuse. 

This album’s about to win a million VMAs, isn’t it? I don’t care what the inevitably effusive Metacritic scores will say. You will never be able to convince me that this doesn’t sound like KoRn with girl vocals. Let the tweens have their cake! Reign of Terror comes out next month on February 21.

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