Sleeping With Sirens on the ‘Madness’ of Their New Album and Kicking Off a Summer Tour

Since their formation in 2009, melodic pop-rock band Sleeping With Sirens’ trajectory has been nothing short of phenomenal. Based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Kellin Quinn (vocals), Jack Fowler (guitar), Nick Martin (guitar), Justin Hill (bass), and Gabe Barham (drums) have already released their fourth album, Madness, which came out on the cuff off a massive world tour with Pierce The Veil. Their sonically aggressive tracks are filled with vulnerable lyrics and raw emotional interludes, apparently making the music rather instinctual for millions of fans to fall in love with.

Today, Sleeping With Sirens is kicking off yet another tour promoting the new material, hoping to please their diehard fans and convert a few new ones. The band has sold out nearly every show since 2012, including this tour. We asked frontman Kellin Quinn about Madness, being boxed into certain genres, and why he thinks the bands’ music has resonated with so many people.

Your album was just released. What has the initial feedback from friends and family been?

Everything was very positive! I think that everyone really loved it.

After releasing three incredibly successful albums, were you ever nervous that the fourth might not be up to par?

Never — I’m very confident in my songwriting abilities. I never stop writing and progressing as a songwriter, so there is never a question of it being up to par.

How has social media been a part of the band’s growth? What is the connection between social media and music in today’s world?

It’s been a huge part of our band’s growth – we have a very strong social media fan base and it’s a really great way for us to network and create personal relationships with people.

What type of person do you find connecting to your music? Has it been consistent over the years?

I’d say now it’s anyone between the ages of 13-20. Every once in a while, I’ll hear from people at a show that they have been a fan since the beginning. In saying that, I think we’re starting to move from where we began and become more universal and widen our fan base.

Why do you think your music has resonated with so many people?

I feel like I’ve always been kind of a pop artist, so I think that writing catchy melodies is important for myself. I think our lyrical content plays a big part here as well, and younger fans find the lyrics that I write to be very relatable to them.

Do you ever feel like the band is unjustly categorized into certain genres that don’t truly speak to you?

I think that with every artist that grows and matures/changes their sound, there’s always going to be that kind of categorizing that happens. But if you are confident in what you do and stand behind your art, you can get out of that box you are put in…and create new boxes!

What kind of clothes do you guys find yourself in while on the road, both on and offstage?

Jack likes button-ups, denim, and leather jackets. He’s a big All Saints fan. I feel like I kind of look to all different areas for clothes – anywhere from a Hot Topic band tees to regular scoop necks to anything from All Saints or Asos. I like to play around with it! Before I go on stage, I like to wear something that’s pretty lightweight so I’m not getting super hot – I have a tendency to get sweaty fast and my hair gets wet with that. I don’t like to layer on stage…but Jack does!

What would you like to say to your fans before they press play on the new album?

We have the best fans in the entire world who are very supportive and stand behind us through it all. We are appreciative of the constant support and are very, very grateful!

Can we start talking about a fifth record already?!

I’m going to hang on to this record for now! If I start thinking about getting into the process of writing a new one now, my wife may divorce me…


“We Like It Quiet” Summer Tour:

6/4/15 San Diego, CA @ Soma

6/5/15 Los Angeles, CA @ Troubador

6/7/15 San Francisco, CA @ Slims

6/10/15 Denver, CO @ Marquis Theater

6/12/15 Chicago, IL @ Bottom Lounge

6/13/15 Pittsburgh, PA @ Altar Bar

6/14/15 New York, NY @ The Studio @ Webster

6/16/15 Cambridge, MA @ Middle East

6/17/15 Philadelphia, PA @ Underground Arts

6/18/15 Baltimore, MD @ Ottobar

6/19/15 Greensboro, NC @ Cone Denim Center

6/21/15 Orlando, FL @ The Social

6/22/15 Orlando, FL @ The Social

10/25/15 Sacramento, CA @ Aftershock Festival

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