Sleater-Kinney Brings Planned Parenthood on Tour (and the Tee-Shirt Is Awesome)

Impressively, riot grrl, feminist band, Sleater-Kinney’s fanbase seems to have not only not diminished, but grown, in the ten years since the release of their last album, “The Woods.” Their left-leaning politics and feminist stance were always a part of the package. In fact, Planed Parenthood joined a Sleater-Kinney tour 15 years ago.

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Now, we’re getting an encore on both fronts as the nonprofit will be going on the road with Sleater-Kinney again, for the band’s highly anticipated No Cities to Love tour, which kicks off this Sunday in Washington state. To honor the occasion is one very rad t-shirt, designed by artist Molly Schiot and available here.

Planned Parenthood volunteers will also be present at each S-K tour stop bearing free condoms (yass) and signing lucky (most tour dates are already sold out), attendees up to take the “My Health, My Life, No Matter What” pledge, which calls on legislators to stop interfering in women’s health care decisions.

It’s a partnership that S-K members, Janet Weiss, Corin Tucker, and Carrie Brownstein are ever passionate about: “We hope to help provide information and access to Planned Parenthood to a whole new generation of Sleater-Kinney fans.”

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