Slacker Rock Revival: Let’s Say We Did

Nostalgia for the 1990s, as we all know, is a thing. But it seems to be largely focused on which TV shows we watched and which toys (based on those TV shows) we never got in our Happy Meals. Less talked about are the grungy slacker indie rock then heavily consumed by Generation X, to help them deal with all the positivity going around. Let’s Say We Did is a band that would have fit comfortably in that scene.

First off, there’s the big meaty droner “Into Wherever.” (You seeing a pattern with these names and titles? It’s like they’re too cool to care!) It clomps and slides and wrings little phaser noises from the guitar, never anything less than full and saturated.

After that you can, at long last, learn just how the hell the game of cricket is played with this helpful video for “Goodbye!” It’s the second single from forthcoming album Hello Creatures. You know what? It’s gotta be tough work to sound this good and this gloriously lazy at the same time.

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