Shlomo Carlebach Jukebox Musical Coming to Broadway, Maybe

Musicals about the life and work of a great popular music icon are always a crapshoot. When they’re great, they’re great (Fela!, long-running West End staple We Will Rock You) and when they’re bad, they’re downright unwatchable (Anyone remember Lennon? No? There’s a reason for that).  

Soul Doctor, a show celebrating the music of ‘60s rabbi-turned-countercultural-icon Shlomo Carlebach, a colorful and sometimes controversial figure who befriended Nina Simone and jammed with the Grateful Dead, is looking at a Broadway run in the coming months following successful stints in Florida and New Orleans and an off-Broadway run in New York. Whether or not Soul Doctor will be the next great American musical remains to be seen, but it reminded us of a few other musicians who we could see getting the biographic jukebox musical treatment. Hey, it’ll be better than Shrek.

–       Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen: Think of the love ballad! Think of it!

–       Kurt Cobain: It’ll be like Hair, but for the ‘90s. And probably not very good.

–       Whitney Houston: It would probably be well-intentioned but still contain the creepy, sinking feelings of exploitation.

–       Susan Boyle: Never mind, that’s already a thing.

–       David Bowie:Reports surfaced last year about Heroes: The Musical, a new show based on Bowie’s more futuristic selections set to premiere in March of 2012. It never actually ended up happening, but in the right hands, would have been pretty cool.

Anyway, here’s the promo reel from Soul Doctor:

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