San Francisco Band The Silhouette Era Gets Romantic in “Exhale” Music Video

The Silhouette Era. Photo courtesy of Breakup Records

San Francisco-based band The Silhouette Era is bringing a new, northern strain to Southern California’s special brand of surf pop. The rockers have a minimal sound and incorporate more lo-fi techniques than many of their SoCal counterparts, honing in on a dream wave sound. Tracks like “Exhale” are easy on the ears without becoming too overcast and muddled by subdued instrumentation or production effects, such as the abstract guitar riffs that are so prevalent in modern surf rock. We’d more quickly associate them with the gritty Brooklyn rock bands that dominate downtown New York’s music venues than Los Angeles-based bands, which is a hybrid we can appreciate.

Premiering today on BlackBook, the video for “Exhale” is equally unassuming and direct. Depicting what starts off as a presumable first date, fraught with anxiety and sexual tension, the video takes place in a dingy bar where live performers take the stage in front of a handful of people, if even that. In a matter of minutes, we watch the date go from awkward to magical, thanks to the music and a lack of stage fright.

Check out the premiere of the video below, and more on The Silhouette Era here. Furthermore, look out for their forthcoming record Beacons, out in July via Breakup Records.

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