See Vampire Weekend and Steve Buscemi Get Weird in a New Concert Promo Video

In the beginning of the month, we posted the teaser for Vampire Weekend and Steve Buscemi’s upcoming collaboration. And if you had any reservations about the chemistry between our favorite bizarre and wonderful cult movie icon/director and the sonically-minded group of witty fellas, you can certainly allay those fears.

On April 28th, Vampire Weekend will take to the stage at Roseland Ballroom to be streamed live as part of the American Express Unstaged series with Buscemi directing, and now to promote the concert, there’s an awkwardly funny video of Buscemi’s "first meeting" with the band—prefaced with the fact that guitarist Chris Baio recently found out that Buscemi was distantly related to him, hence reaching out for him to direct the show. But in the video Buscemi seems to get everything wrong—from hugging the wrong Chris, to asking them to make their lyrics more accessible, to asking Rostam if he’s a DJ. And it’s a delight to watch.

So check out the promo below, listen to "Step" for the 1,000th time, and get ready for the release of Modern Vampires of the City on May 14th.

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