See Grimes Turn Down Steve Buscemi & Vampire Weekend + Watch the Gang Paint Easter Eggs

I really hope these Steve Buscemi, Vampire Weekend promo videos never stop coming because they’re absolutely wonderful. And in today’s installment of strange and hilarious awkwardness, we first get Buscemi attempting to wrangle Grimes into coming over for Easter brunch with the band. Naturally, she turns down the offer, claiming to be pretty averse to children screaming and Easter in general. Buscemi is crushed of course.

And in the second video we see the ol’ gang painting Easter eggs as Buscemi apologizing for to the dudes to for making them explain their songs and explains just how much he really does love to bunny-filled holiday. Rostam explains that his family celebrates Persian New Year to which Buscemi seems confused and then goes on to feel left out after not understanding a funny tweet. You get the picture.

See for yourself below.


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