Santigold Returns With ‘Big Mouth’ Single

It’s been a million blog years since Santi White charmed us with her self-titled debut all the way back in 2008. Back then, she was called Santogold; four years later, she’s Santigold and set to return with a new album called Master of My Make Believe, out this spring. After the jump, you can watch the video for the first single, "Big Mouth."

If you like the song, you can download it for free at Santigold’s website. The video’s tailor-made for bloggability, what with the hand-drawn lo-fi animation and the cartoon tigers. She’ll fit right back into a world that’s embraced in-yr-face female rappers like Azealia Banks and Rye Rye. Also, that production: sounds like Diplo, right? I’m going to say it’s Diplo, even if it’s not.

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