RZA, Black Keys Battle for Title of ‘Baddest Man Alive’

It won’t be long now before RZA’s first feature film, martial arts celebration The Man With The Iron Fists, sucker-punches its way into theatres, but the anticipation is cranked up ever so slightly with each new release from the film’s stacked soundtrack. Last week, we heard “White Dress,” a new cut from Kanye West that channeled RZA’s production as well as West’s earlier work, and now, RZA reunites with his Blackroc collaborators, The Black Keys, for “The Baddest Man Alive.”

The track itself, a bluesy, boozy, introduce-a-strutting-antihero-with-sunglasses sort of affair, will be appealing to Blackroc fans, but the real fun comes not with the song itself but the music video. Here, RZA, Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney swap samurai swords for more edible instruments of battle, duking it out in a fancy restaurant’s kitchen by tossing lettuce, throwing French fries and tossing heads of lettuce. If the movie itself looks half as cool or is half as much fun to watch, then RZA should be very proud of himself.

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