Ruth Hogben Directs Kanye West’s ‘Lost In The World’ Video

"But wait!" you’re probably thinking. "Didn’t Kanye West release My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy a year and a half ago? And wasn’t there a major collaboration album in between then and now? And didn’t he just release a bunch of other new stuff, including two new G.O.O.D. Music tracks and The Solo Cut Formerly Known As ‘Theraflu’?" Yes, all these things are true, indeed. But here we are, and today ‘Ye released a new video for "Lost In The World," part of the finale of his last heavily-praised solo album and featuring vocals from Bon Iver and a prominent Gil Scott-Heron sample.

For the sleek, black-and-white video, which primarily depicts intercut scenes of West and dancing models in stretchy white outfits, West collaborated with, Nick Knight’s web enterprise melding the worlds of music, fashion and multimedia, and who just this week, won a Webby Award for Best Fashion Site. The site’s filmmakers have worked with other couture-loving musicians, most notably Lady Gaga, for whom SHOWStudio produced a number of videos for the Monster Ball Tour. Ruth Hogben, who directed the Monster Ball interlude videos, also directed "Lost In The World." In addition to work with various College Dropouts and Little Monsters, Hogben’s recent credits include a fantastic Busby Berkley-inspired work celebrating Marc Jacobs’ years at Louis Vuitton and this super intense spot for M.A.C. Makeup featuring Gareth Pugh.

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