Hear Rihanna, Kanye West, and Paul McCartney Team Up For ‘FourFiveSeconds’

Just as Saturday night was kicking off, Rihanna surprised the world by finally releasing some new music. The long-overdue (some would say) track, “FourFiveSeconds” features both Sir Paul McCartney and frequent collaborator Kanye West. The singer announced the new music without much fanfare, deciding to tweet it to her 39-plus million Twitter followers and letting it grow organically from there.

The song seems to show that the Barbadian pop star—who takes lead billing on the track—is taking a new direction for her eighth album, which still has no official name or release date. While many of her past singles were electro-pop club hits or R&B-leaning pop hits, “FourFiveSeconds” is as stripped down as we’ve ever heard Rihanna. The production gives her nothing to work with for most of the track but an acoustic guitar and her vocals, which shine like never before. Kanye’s appearance on the song is pretty surprising as well, since he sings along with Rihanna instead of rapping a guest verse as he’d typically do.

Though it may sound like an odd collection of musicians, that a collaboration between the three finally surfaced isn’t the surprise itself. In an interview with Billboard, fellow rapper Ty Dolla $ign let the secret out that the three had been in the studio together last year, and that they’d managed to crank out quite a few songs. The first piece of music from this day-long session to see the light of day was Kanye and Paul’s “Only One”, a loving auto-tuned lullaby-esque ode written for his baby North West which appeared earlier this month.

“FourFiveSeconds” is available on iTunes now.

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