Remaining Beastie Boys Sue Monster Energy Drink Over Megamix

New Yorkers, hip-hop heads and appreciative fans of things that are good have all been careful about honoring the legacy of gone-too-soon Beastie Boy Adam "MCA" Yauch, saluting the rapper and artist through every means from a Senator giving him official recognition to a superfan giving fellow enthusiasts a "life tour" to kids on a corner somewhere blasting "Sabotage." Now, MCA’s fellow bandmates are paying respect to him in a different way. 

Earlier this week, it was revealed that MCA stipulated in his will that even in the wake of his passing, companies would be unable to use his music, art or likeness for commercial means. Given that an artist’s death will often lead to exploitation of said artist’s image and work for profit, this measure makes sense. At first, it was unclear whether or not that meant songs the Beasties wrote as a collaborative effort, but given the suit Mike D, Ad-Rock and Dechen Yauch have filed against Monster Energy Drink over a 26-song Beasties promotional megamix used as part of a web advertising campaign for Monster’s "Ruckus in the Rockies," as well alleging the company used misleading language implying the Beasties consented to the project. Although the terms of MCA’s will are not explicitly cited in the grounds for the suit, the timing is pretty apt. The suit accuses Monster of being in violation of the Lanham Act, which regulates trademark infringement; and they will seek $150,000 in damages.. 

SPIN has the original court complaint, which you can view here. Or, you can remember the good times, with some of the songs featured in the megamix: 

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